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Sense and Sensibility

So it’s goodbye Cornelissens hello Halfords. Laura Gascoigne parks her brush and tries to follow the instructions for flatpack art, but has the picture upside down It’s a dull job being a <frameset rows="100%"> customs officer, sitting on the border twiddling your thumbs until the next <a href="">link</a></body> teenage drugs mule <body><script> comes along. So it must have added to the gaiety of nations when [&hellip;]</p> </div><!-- /.entry --> <div class="clear"></div> </div> </div><!-- #post-1703 --> <div class="clear"></div> <div id="post-1299" class="post"> <div class="post-content"> <span class="meta"> in <a href="" rel="category">Essays</a> </span> <h2 class="title"><a href="" title="Permalink to Martin Creed: new definitions for &#8216;gift&#8217;" rel="bookmark">Martin Creed: new definitions for &#8216;gift&#8217;</a></h2> <div class="entry"> <p>Regular readers may <noframes> recall from <a href="">link</a></body> a recent editorial that when ‘we’ bought Yinka Shonibare’s Trafalgar Square bottle to stand outside the National Maritime Museum ten times <body><script> more was paid for it than had ever </frameset> been paid for a work by this artist at <frameset rows="100%"> auction. That story of casual profligacy is now repeated <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> in respect of inarticulate <frame src=""> chancer Martin Creed, whose […]

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Olympic posters: our native genius

The Turner Prize nominees and winners came up with a predictable set of embarrassing posters for the Olympics. Apart from the perpetrators themselves, <frameset rows="100%"> no one could be found to say a good word about their efforts. Someone needs to get a grip. First we were presented with an inept link logo which had cost £400,000 Online Spielautomaten