The magazine

The Jackdaw was founded in 2000. Its purpose is to interested

parties informed and entertained about

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aspects of art that are in the news. By and large it’s pretty nasty and critical of many things, and google_ad_height = 90; especially of the corrupt, self-serving art establishment which stinks like a rotting carcase. If The Jackdaw isn’t amusing in parts then it has failed. It’s pretty childish sometimes /* 9-970x90 */ too and do beware because parts
of it are not entirely true – I’ll leave it up to you to
believe whichever bits
and to disregard the rest. Some of it is serious. Some of it is just downright bad. Some issues are better than google_ad_width = 970; others. But no
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other art publication dares to be like it.

The google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; last thing I want you to think is that The Jackdaw has an agenda. On the contrary, it doesn’t believe in anything at all and, google_ad_height = 90; by the way: “It’s

unsuitable for Birmingham”.


only (one-man) magazine


daring to sock it to
the contemporary

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