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Martin Lang: Against Life Drawing – November 2017

Advocating life 502 Bad Gateway drawing at art school is a deeply conservative and reactionary position. Arguments 具体交易流程可“点击这里”查看或咨询。 in favour of life drawing usually fall into one of

502 Bad Gateway

two camps (or sometimes both). I am utterly unconvinced by both. The first, and weaker, argument contends that it is necessary to learn the rules before you can break them. This is an
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Laura Gascoigne: Crime Without Punishment

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The way we are now – why ‘avant garde’ is now an obsolete term

The Times

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Selling England by the pound

Today John Constable’s The Lock, painted in 1824, 502 Bad Gateway sold at Christie’s for £22.4 million. In the current art market of silly prices some lucky person got the bargain of

502 Bad Gateway

their lives. Let us hope nginx/1.11.4 the picture will be
placed in a museum, where people might enjoy it, instead of disappearing into a Swiss warehouse as the investment bauble of […]