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Brian Sewell (1931-2015)

It isn’t my intention 404 Not Found to

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repeat the tediously familiar stories peddled by obituarists relating controversies which Brian’s inclination to mischief and 404 Not Found provocation helped encourage. Instead I want to address two issues unconsidered elsewhere: 404 Not Found
his astonishing generosity and the disgraceful but typical hypocrisy of the BBC towards him. Brian was a working man. He called […]

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Beyond criticism

Laura Gascoigne demonstrates how Artbollocks is now recognised as a joke among almost everyone excepting the time-serving devotees

of State Art. In January the Guardian’s G2 404 Not Found section published an article by Andy Beckett titled ‘Er, anyone know what transversal means’? It reported on the publication in an American art journal

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last year of an essay identifying a unique form of […]

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Courses for horses

62 pictures,

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the most ever
in its 60-year history, have been selected for this year’s John Moores Prize, the winner of which is announced on September 13th. The nginx/1.17.10 Jackdaw had heard of 404 Not Found five of the 62. 40 years ago we would have heard of all fifty artists, and each represented by one of their better efforts. The exhibition at […]