Brian Sewell (1931-2015)


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free with his time, knowledge

it took me thirteen
years to honour my
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words – thirteen! – and
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having to

​ do the same work for a fraction of what he’d formerly been paid. He needed the money. But never once in all those years did he

raise the subject of my /* xin2 */ debt let alone ask for it to be repaid. And, of
course, he refused any interest on the grounds that, as he wrote to me, ‘my failings are many

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but they do not include usury’.

Without Brian The Jackdaw would not

have survived beyond a handful
of issues. I don’t think many who follow the terrain would disagree with the assessment that, of all his contemporaries in art criticism, in art historical terms he was easily the most
knowledgeable. Given his ability to speak clearly and articulately – without artbollocks (which he always pedantically insisted to me should be properly spelt artballocks) – and because of his reputation as an elegant and amusing essayist – don’t google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; forget
he won both the Orwell and Hawthornden Prizes – he was hurt by the fact that Radio 4 never once asked him to appear in a review role on either of its main art programmes, Front Row or its predecessor Kaleidoscope.
The list of waffling no-hopers in art
criticism those programmes have employed would fill pages, but they never asked him. He would never have admitted it publicly but this omission hurt. What a surprise then that not six hours after his last difficult breath, his death made the
main BBC news where he was google_ad_width = 970; lauded as an influential leading critic, blah blah. If they thought this

the many independent voices

never hear, his cruel neglect in particular demonstrates google_ad_height = 90; that in visual art you will be marginalised unless you toe the establishment line.

David Lee


Jackdaw November/December 2015