Brian Sewell (1931-2015)

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charities, in particular
those dealing with homelessness and the welfare of animals, and src="//"> he encouraged friends to do the same. Equally, buying work from promising youngsters in order to get them started was to him a duty. He was also selflessly free
with his time, knowledge and contacts.

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was src="//"> your friend you felt it.

In early 2000 I
quit editing Art Review, for which Brian had contributed many superb pieces on 20th years he suggested many programmes, all rejected. It speaks volumes that the BBC asked Grayson Perry to give the Reith Lectures, but not Brian. Of all the many independent voices we never hear, his cruel neglect in particular demonstrates that in visual art you
will be marginalised unless you toe the establishment line.

David Lee

The Jackdaw November/December