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Champagne feminist

Sixteen years ago,

I wrote an article for a short-lived women’s art magazine called Make responding to a complaint 404 Not Found on the letters page that only childless women could succeed as artists. Off the top of

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my head, I immediately thought of half a dozen artists who disproved this rule and I interviewed them for a piece called A Woman’s Work. […]

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Brian Sewell (1931-2015)

It isn’t my intention to repeat the tediously familiar stories peddled by obituarists relating controversies which Brian’s inclination to

mischief and provocation helped encourage. Instead I want to address two issues unconsidered

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elsewhere: his astonishing generosity and the disgraceful but typical hypocrisy 404 Not Found of the BBC towards him. Brian was a working man. He called himself ‘working class’, a description some […]

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