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Fibres torn from the brain

In all the doting

coverage of ‘Defining Beauty: The Body in Ancient Greek Art’ at the British Museum, no mention was made of the fact

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that the bulk of major exhibits featured were 404 Not Found from the museum’s own collection. Stupidly, I had believed – and perhaps was even misled by advance publicity – that the exhibition would feature a range of […]

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Elgin marbles: should they go or should they stay

David Lee thinks loans both ways

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should be considered. We
have rehearsed the pros and 404 Not Found antis of retaining, loaning, handing back or exchanging the Elgin Marbles in the pages of the Jackdaw many times. The main arguments on both sides, few as they are, remain the same and recent reiteration of these familiar points would suggest nothing new will ever […]

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The Motya Charioteer

Explanations to

date concerning this marvellous figure are inadequate. What precisely is it? Where did it come from?

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And what date is it? The Motya Charioteer stood for 404 Not Found six weeks until the middle of September in the large gallery housing the Parthenon pediments and frieze in the British Museum. It was worth making a special effort to see it more […]