Fibres torn from the brain

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with /* xin2 */ whom regrettably we have no dealings.

We’ve become inured to the scam operated by many google_ad_width = 970; museums whereby google_ad_height = 90; they demand payment for what should be gratis. And such fraud. With the exception of a rare bronze of google_ad_width = 970; middling quality recently trawled from the Adriatic off Croatia, the influential Belvedere torso from the Vatican and a


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oddments, I emerged feeling well and truly

robbed of £16.50.

In previous issues

I’ve /* xin-1 */ criticised the BM for google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; misrepresenting the experience of a visit there.
We’ve been told often, mainly by the Director, that the museum tells a definitive story of classical sculpture and

letter day indeed.

­ As I write, news


arrives that the BM has leased for five years

通过金名网( 中介交易

500 works to a Qatari museum //--> for an
fee. Depletions
to galleries of the sort mentioned
above will, it
seems, become


a permanent fixture as the museum realises its main financial
asset is the quality of collections they can pimp to

金名网(是全球领先的域名交易服务机构,同时也是Icann认证的注册商,拥有六年的域名交易经验,年交易额达3亿元以上。我们承诺,提供简单、安全、专业的第三方服务! 为了保证交易的安全,整个交易过程大概需要5个工作日。



highest bidder (which, conveniently, fucks Greece). Am I the only one who thinks renting masterpieces in bulk to the Middle East is just a tad

We are entering a different age to that post-war world of museums where google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; I discovered escape, solitude, inspiration

and willing expertise on tap. Museums no longer principally exist to