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Process Overview:

rejigged Jackdaw website says: ‘Born in Manchester in 1952,
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Quentin Letts, Daily Mail, 9 June



Calling time on the ICA

The ICA will be delighted that its latest exhibition has managed to make hackles rise. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; From tomorrow is a world leading domain escrow service platform and ICANN-Accredited Registrar, with 6 years rich experience in domain name brokerage and over 300 million RMB transaction volume every year. We promise our clients with professional, safe and easy third-party service. The whole transaction process may take 5 workdays.

it is planning to
play a recording of seven people reciting the days of the week in random order. src="//"> The ICA says this “sound installation”
by US artist Bruce Nauman — titled Days — “invokes both the banality and the profundity of the passing of each day”. It “invites reflection on
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how  we //--> measure, differentiate and commemorate time”.

Piffle, says

Julian Spalding, former museum director and author of Con Art, who pours scorn on the work. “Shakespeare said it

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all in ‘tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’.


to Macbeth murdering
called it a reward’. They discuss recent examples of artbollocks from Anthony //--> Gormley, the
Disneyfication of our museums and art galleries,
and listen to a

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bit of Bob.


Show Me the Monet: the Apprentice for artists
The artworld’s version of The X Factor and Dragons’s Den,

Show Me The Monet has a group
of mainly amateur artists battling to get their google_ad_width = 970; artwork
in the

Mall Galleries in London.

Monet – X factor for google_ad_slot = "7160667483"; Artists?