Editorial – July 2017


In the last issue I noted the gradual but relentless erosion of space allocated to historical pictures

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in Tate Britain. This contraction

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will now accelerate because the collection is to be re-hung, yet again, on this occasion thematically – a policy undoubtedly designed to demonstrate the State Art Commandment that
all roads shall lead to the Usual Suspects. Long gone are the reassuring days of my youth when a regular visitor to Millbank would know

not be disappointed, google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; for in these Year-Zero days even the equivalent of a baby spluttering to communicate can be sold as progress.

As Alexander

Adams points out in his thoughtful review google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; concerning the material poverty of many //--> artists (see page 8), the probability of low incomes has not, as one
might have predicted, caused a reduction in numbers. Far from it. Students have been

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sold the pup that anyone can do it with the result
that a massive surplus is being produced, too little is worth the time spent looking at it, and too much that is self-evidently

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stillborn is speculatively hoarded by national

Generally, Serota’s legacy is a

directors put together.

David Lee
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