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239w, 44w" sizes="(max-width: 388px) 100vw, 388px" />Crossing the centre of
Manchester recently heading for the match, an old friend asked me to step inside a handsome google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; Victorian mill considered

the Medici Palace of Cottonopolis.  He’d worked on the conversion of this /* xin-1 */ pile years before and hadn’t forgotten the impression a particular bronze made on him as he entered
the building each morning. Although he admits to knowing google_ad_width = 970; nothing about art no
one needed to tell him this statue was remarkable. He
could see it google_ad_slot = "7160667483"; and feel it for himself. It had left its mark.

Between the grand

arched entrance, so typical of quattrocento Florentine palazzi, and the high lobby are matching shrines hidden from the street. On the right is the
domineering silhouette of a figure instantly recognisable to

replaced despite
this being an important detail of a Grade II* listed work. To check on the original appearance including bayonet (the


maquette is inset opposite), there are reduced versions in Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery, at Eltham Palace in south-east London (Stephen Courtauld, who lived there, was a fellow officer
with Jagger in the Royal //--> Worcesters google_ad_height = 90; and,

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coincidentally, it was his family’s textile firm which eventually

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bought the Watts building), and in the museum at Rotherham where Jagger was born, the
son of a

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colliery manager.


addition //--> to uniform permitted during frontline duty.

When The Sentry was unveiled opinion was split down the middle. Liverpool architect Charles Reilly remarked: “It is extraordinarily impressive as it stands there with intense immobility, a little large and crude perhaps for its surroundings; such a figure makes one understand the rock google_ad_slot = "6023194682"; of national character against which the German flood broke in vain. It is truly monumental in its combined steadfastness and power. It is

sculpture like this, and this only, free
from any
trivial suggestions, that can at all express the depth of feeling the war /* 9-970x90 */ called forth.”

Meanwhile, Roger Fry, who was always proud to know better than anyone else and who had already established himself as chief standard bearer for the avant garde, wrote of Jagger’s figure: “Nothing approaches