Are you disadvantaged?

The Department of Culture recently published a White Paper, the first google_ad_height = 90; from that department since

Jennie Lee’s in google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; 1965, and apparently only its second ever. This chic pamphlet, in truth more PR exercise than policy document, prominently contains that new-age mantra, “access must be increased for those from disadvantaged backgrounds”. src="//"> The Arts Council also write this sort of optimistic guff, and they don’t mean it either. They only mean it if the ‘disadvantaged’ are prepared to like what the Arts Council want
them to like.
forbid that the ‘disadvantaged’ should actually express preferences of

You might scatter burger boxes, skunk

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butts, crisp bags and beer tins under the pictures in order to make everyone


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Curiously, there’s no word in the White Paper about the ‘advantaged’ who don’t visit museums. This includes most aristocrats. They’re also thick, inbred,

For detailed process, you can “visit here” or contact



drug-crazed and unemployable. And do tell me Squire
Vaizey – while I’ve got you on – am I disadvantaged because I’d rather have my teeth pulled by Hogarth’s dentist than sit through an opera? Give me Buddy Holly any day than

implemented: “They will be inspired by their experiences and will be encouraged to inspire others.” Talk about

life I’ve been cheated by State Art’s monopoly force-feeding me a
diet of conceptual and minimal trash of no discernible merit. The only thing I’ve been seriously disadvantaged by is google_ad_width = 970; State Art’s prejudice against the sort of
href="">DCMS White Paper disadvantaged editorial