Just think

Laura Gascoigne wonders if the artists who purport to be thinkers are any good at thinking.

style="text-align: //--> center;">“I think, google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; therefore I am.”

“I think differently, therefore I am an artist.”

To traditionalists it

may google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; already seem that the entire art world has arrived at destination Hell in a handcart and there /* 9-970x90 */ is nowhere further to go, but actually the journey isn’t over yet. While the general public remains unconvinced of Josef Beuys’s final solution that everyone google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; is an artist, it still expects a reply to the following question: if
it’s not the google_ad_width = 970; way artists draw, paint or sculpt that makes them artists, what qualifies them for the title? Here’s the latest answer: it’s the way they think.

To qualify as a contemporary artist you have

to walk

Process Overview:

the walk, talk the talk and think the thought, all google_ad_height = 90; at the same time. google_ad_height = 90; (Gum-chewing is an optional extra.) The theory goes, apparently, that by some creative providence artists’ brains are wired differently to everyone else’s, an accident of evolution that lends their thoughts aesthetic value in themselves. Any works that might result, if any do, are only of value as physical manifestations of this mental difference, /* xin2 */ byproducts
of thought processes that may be exchanged as commodities for financial profit but could just as easily be dumped without detriment to the maker’s status as an artist. The kernel, the

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essence, the nub of art is thought, and the purer its expression, in principle, the better – no gunk, no junk,
just the juice of undiluted creative thinking. But in our


messy world of gunky realities, this ideal is difficult


achieve. How does the differently thinking artist break the ties that bind him to the world of objects? It’s a problem the Café Gallery, Southwark

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Park – always at the cutting-edge of
creative cerebration


and municipal

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lawn-mowing – has been trying to address.

Its summer exhibition,

which if you hop straight on a number 188 bus you might just catch before it closes on June 29th, is called Thinking Things, and concerns itself with

and matter, object and idea. It looks at

how thinking often depends on material
forms and becomes thing-like, and how objects