Lament for a lost, semi-innocent world: Giles Auty remembers St Ives, half a century on from when he first painted there

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a first visit to St. Ives in the late 1950s and will never forget my first glimpse of the town from the hill

above the railway station. For someone to whom the word ‘sea’ google_ad_width = 970; had hitherto largely meant the pebbly google_ad_height = 90; beaches and endless mudflats of the coast of East Kent, the turquoise water, dazzling white sands google_ad_width = 970; and rows of granite or whitewashed buildings cascading down steep hills towards the town’s harbour were an utter revelation. Not a
single yard

scribes – of national and international as //--> well as purely local substance to its welcoming embrace. Because an artist cousin

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of mine //--> – John Peace – lived in the town already I enjoyed instant google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; introductions to many

W.S. Graham today less than 40 years after their passing? Both
were true to their respective callings as
painter and poet in ways we are less and less likely to
encounter again.

During the latter years of

Process Overview:

West Cornwall’s artistic heyday the trio of Wynter, Hilton and Graham drank regularly at a large, isolated and often almost deserted pub
on the

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coast road from Zennor to St Just. This was the Gurnard’s Head whose landlord bought the lease, google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; I believe, with the gratuity he