Van Dyck self portrait: do we really want to pay £12 million for this?

The self-portrait by Van Dyck

is the subject of a //--> deferred export licence

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on show drumming up donations, has started
a campaign to raise £12.5 million to acquire the picture. They have raised
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£1.2 million so far

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find then in the remaining eight weeks. The Tate turned down google_ad_width = 970; the
offer of a
joint campaign and joint ownership pleading depleted reserves, and the Sunday Times has had the impertinence to reveal that

NPG had previously
turned down an offer to buy the picture for a quarter less than they are now apparently desperate to pay.

The picture was bought at auction by London dealer Philip Mould in league with
an American backer for £8.3 million in 2009,
and it has now, google_ad_height = 90; they say, been sold to an American collector for £12.5 million.

As is customary

on these occasions the hyperbolometer has

been yanked over to Full Steam Ahead – “Give us as much smokescreen as you’ve got Mr Stoker”. “Aye aye Skipper”. Everyone suddenly believes this
is google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; a masterpiece that must //--> be “saved”


at all

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yes it is an agreeable enough picture, a trifle tartily
got up
in its period frame, but google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; it’s not worth the money and
neither are we short

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of Van Dycks. /* xin2 */ Experts claim that the artist is depicting himself
in the


of painting. Maybe so,
but if he really is seeing himself in the act of execution, in order to get this view in a mirror he would have to be a left-hander and as his

drawings demonstrate Van Dyck /* 9-970x90 */ was no south paw.

The head is precisely what we expect of a living, alert //--> character study by google_ad_slot = "6023194682"; Van Dyck. The silk doublet is not quite so convincing. Its attempted bravura handling falls short for an artist we know to be a master

通过金名网( 中介交易

of the


deft, silky flourish. Did Van Dyck perhaps complete the head and then pass google_ad_height = 90; it down the studio line? It is after all dated to the last year of

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