Arts Council – time for action

A submission to the House of Commons’ Select Committee for Culture concerning their short enquiry into the commissioning criteria used by the Arts Council of England.

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Your interest google_ad_width = 970; in the artistic criteria underpinning ACE’s funding decisions is a subject which has long exercised me. I wish to demonstrate here that where they

are not clouded in the secrecy of woolly definitions, the artistic criteria used by ACE in the visual arts are partial and


​ would look at the way we do it today as a demonstration of what to avoid.

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The Arts Council has encouraged an unhealthy ‘us’

Process Overview:

and ‘them’ mentality.

In a

perfect world a

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body spending enormous
sums of public cash would at least attempt to make a google_ad_width = 970; show of even-handedness. It would recognise the diversity of excellence existing in
visual art styles across the whole of
fine art spectrum; that is, from those

it claims is the avant-garde. And like all

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orthodoxies it is intolerant of anything else.

A topical example of their policy in practice


is the case of First Sight, a £40 million art centre opened two years ago in Colchester.
It is revenue-funded by the Arts Council.
Attendance at the


gallery dropped dramatically in the last year because the programme of work that the Arts Council makes contingent on their continued funding is limited to what most src="//"> locals do not want to see all the time – correspondence columns in local newspapers are clear on this. As far as I can recall, for the google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; first time in the history of an ACE funded gallery, the
director of First Sight has /* xin-1 */ admitted that as far as the exhibition programme is concerned his hands are tied. If he varies the diet to include what some locals might wish to see the Arts Council


will discontinue

to blackmail or dictate selection policy to galleries they help support. Directors should be free google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; to show whatever they deem worthy in order to attract diverse audiences to their venues. Indeed, directors should be encouraged to surprise us by showing the rich wealth of work being produced in the country, as google_ad_height = 90; well as in
their locality. The prevailing attitude, adopted by the Council, that ‘You will have to like what we give you’ must stop.

4. The programmes of ACE galleries should reflect

the diversity
of what

For detailed process, you can “visit here” or contact

is being produced by artists and equally encourage proposals from outsiders for historical exhibitions and retrospectives and surveys of older British artists.

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