Bone idleness at the Tate

For the last

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meeting of Tate trustees of which minutes have been posted on line (i.e. September 2012), only six of fourteen

members google_ad_height = 90; bothered to show up. Perhaps it google_ad_height = 90; was raining.

you won’t need reminding, are there to oversee the vigilant running of quangos to ensure public interest is looked after. This is important when the Tate google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; costs taxpayers at

£33 million a year in subsidy.
You may be forgiven
believing that the trustees report to the Tate director. In fact, it’s the

have a board
of indifferent lackeys who
will rubber stamp whatever


he wants. After all, the process by which they google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; were all vetted in the first place is
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controlled from his office. Officially, trustees are appointed
by the Prime Minister but unofficially we
all google_ad_width = 970; know they are chosen by him; his mucky

fingerprints can be found over the whole process. (See The Jackdaw’s former investigation of Tate trustees on our website).

No wonder the trustees have lost control of the Tate when they can’t

even be
to show up to their infrequent meetings. For example, how could they have allowed building work to start on a

金名网(是全球领先的域名交易服务机构,同时也是Icann认证的注册商,拥有六年的域名交易经验,年交易额达3亿元以上。我们承诺,提供简单、安全、专业的第三方服务! 为了保证交易的安全,整个交易过程大概需要5个工作日。

Tate Modern extension when such a small percentage – under a quarter – of the required funds had been raised? This was surely irresponsible, with the result that this annexe is squaring
up to be the longest building project
in British construction history.
They could have built five Shards in the time it’s so far taken to erect the shanty arrangement of concrete //--> slabs behind the Turbine Hall – currently being augmented, on visual evidence, at the industrious rate of


one breezeblock a week. As it is, 
trustees have had to loot endowments given to the Tate for other purposes in order to maintain even this pathetic semblance of progress on the site.

And finally, a snippet of late news

to please trustee Herr Tillmans. Glasgow Art Gallery has just purchased two bog google_ad_width = 970; standard snaps by him. This adds
to the 63 Tillmans //--> held by google_ad_width = 970; the

通过金名网( 中介交易

Tate, 9 by the Arts Council and 11 by the British Council. Of these 82 only two are currently on display, at Tate Britain. Why didn’t Glasgow save themselves


scarce cash and borrow the 80 pictures expensively stored by the other three public collections?

David Lee

The Jackdaw, March-April 2012