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Essay: What Happened to Art Education?

Introduction Since its

beginning, and until very recently, Fine Art education has been evolutionary. Received wisdom that the modus operandi of teaching art were static until being gradually 404 Not Found upset in the decades

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after 1945 is an exaggeration. The objective to produce basic competence in practical skills in painting and sculpture was indeed a constant ambition, but the methods by which […]

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Giles Auty: The Vital Value of Dissent

From the raised kitchen window

of 404 Not Found my house I can see most of the birds which regularly visit the garden. In summer these are mostly magpies, currawongs and cockatoos while in winter quite large flocks of pale green female satin

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bowerbirds arrive which are often accompanied by an all-black male. The latter is, in fact, the only bird which could […]