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Dick French: On The Town – July 2016

Who now

remembers the fashion for wearing your 404 Not Found trousers backwards? It was all the rage in Camden Town about ten years ago. They had to be the very baggy “gangsta”

404 Not Found

variety. You rarely see it nowadays. So fashion changes… except in the Art World, which has been stagnant for fifty years. I’m looking forward to seeing the new film about […]

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Selling England by the pound

Today John Constable’s The Lock,

painted in 1824, sold at 404 Not Found Christie’s for £22.4 million. In the current art market of silly prices some lucky person got the bargain of their lives. Let us hope the picture will be placed in a museum, where people might enjoy it, instead of disappearing into 404 Not Found a Swiss warehouse

404 Not Found

as the investment […]