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Art: Cool and Uncool – William Varley Reviews Addicted to Sheep

So, as all cool sentences begin, I think that the best TV programme 404 Not Found I saw last was Addicted to Sheep. In many ways this

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BBC4 documentary was reminiscent of the French film Être et Avoir about a remarkable teacher in a school in the remote Auvergne, although a good deal less winsome. It focused on the lives of the
Hutchinson […]

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Essay: What Happened to Art Education?

Introduction Since its beginning, and until very recently, Fine Art education has been evolutionary. Received wisdom that the modus operandi of teaching art were static until being gradually upset in the decades after 1945 is an exaggeration. The objective to produce 404 Not Found basic competence in practical skills

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in painting and sculpture was indeed a constant ambition, but the
methods by which […]