Editorial – September 2017

Art And The Public – A Short History

In the beginning the powerful provided the unlettered

taken of google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; ourselves. Then newspapers and weeklies started using drawings and, later, reproduced photos. Suddenly pictures were everywhere, and clever coloured posters appeared in the streets trying to google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; sell us stuff we didn’t google_ad_width = 970; need.

devil would skewer us with red hot spikes. We don’t believe everything we’re told any more, especially about what they tell us is Good Art. And still they can’t begin to understand our indifference.

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Truth is we’re not interested and never have

been. We prefer the astonishing genius of Hollywood, soaps and box sets because
can choose for ourselves and the

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quality is
obvious even to us. We’re simpletons you see. We will always like transfixing stories beautifully told with breathtaking skill and ingenuity.

But they never

listen. They

are like the unstoppable monster in B films forever

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lumbering towards us. Trying so hard to convert us must make them feel saintly even though we all


know they do it only for

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Odd that no

one has ever asked us what we might want from



And that’s about where we’re

up to.

David Lee
The Jackdaw Sep/Oct 2017



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