Editorial – September 2017

Art And The Public – A Short History

In the beginning the

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powerful provided the unlettered with uplifting Biblical pictures in churches. We were impressed ­even though some scenes threatened us with eternal agony
if we broke their rules. The scarcity


of pictures outside of church meant we were naturally curious about anything drawn src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js"> or coloured. Wandering pedlars google_ad_height = 90; would show up to impress us with secular material, crude woodcuts, illuminated song sheets,
lampoons and the like. And, of

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course, when they needed us to fight, pictures of kings google_ad_width = 970; and generals were carted about
the land –
they looked well fed and warm.

In bigger towns there soon opened shops with pictures in the windows done by local google_ad_slot = "8637400688"; painters and engravers who sold work to landowners and, src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js"> later, to tradesmen and factory owners. The gentry had their portraits painted mainly so they could admire themselves. We could see pictures through the windows of their houses. //--> Some had mountains and blue skies, dead animals and naked bodies. Pictures

very impressive, but had nothing to do with working lives like ours. About this time photographers opened shops and
in their windows showed portrait displays of everyone famous. We learned from these public galleries that looks had nothing to google_ad_width = 970; do with position. Princes were just as likely to be bald, squinting,
and bandy-legged as we were. Some photographs were

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so cheap that for the first time we could have pictures

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taken of ourselves. Then newspapers and weeklies started using


drawings and, later, reproduced photos. Suddenly pictures were everywhere, and clever coloured


posters appeared in the streets
trying to sell us stuff
we didn’t need.

Art never registered for us. Moving pictures were more to our taste, especially when they talked and were in colour and told stories about people like ourselves. We


couldn’t get enough of those, still can’t, and we were even prepared to
pay for them, sometimes more than once a week.


warning paintings began to look less realistic than they had before. Many
mocked this new ‘modern’ approach, and the point of it certainly escaped us. /* xin2 */ Then

that if
we didn’t
behave like Jesus a devil would skewer us with red hot spikes. We don’t believe

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everything we’re told any more, especially about what they tell
us is Good Art. And still they can’t begin google_ad_height = 90; to google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; understand our indifference. Truth is we’re not interested and never have been. We prefer the astonishing
genius of Hollywood,

Process Overview:

soaps and box sets because we can choose for ourselves and the quality is obvious even to us. We’re


simpletons you see. We will always like transfixing stories beautifully told
with breathtaking skill and ingenuity.

But //--> they never listen. They are like the unstoppable monster in B

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films forever lumbering towards us. Trying so hard to convert us must make them /* 9-970x90 */ feel saintly //--> even though we all know they
do it only for themselves.

Odd that no one has ever asked us what we might want from them.

And that’s about google_ad_height = 90; where we’re up to.


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