Editorial – March 2017

Is There A

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Doctor in the House?

QQ:768975 style="font-weight: 400;">Dennis Skinner once quipped loudly across the Commons to a faltering Cecil

Parkinson at the Despatch Box, ‘It’s the in-breeding that does it!’ I was reminded of this amusing


sneer when Doctor Maria Balshaw was announced as Serota’s google_ad_width = 970; replacement, an elevation met with the customary uncritical lauding with which a fawning Fourth Estate now greets all State Art appointments.

Balshaw comes with

域名Domain Name:jb54.com

all the genetic defects of the
State Art clone. She’s boyishly “enthusiastic”, has “energy

size whilst giving the
impression there’s hardly anything to look at. She filled it with over-exhibited conceptual art of no discernible distinction. And if
her vandalistic hanging of
the historic watercolour collection is anything to

by she has neither feeling nor

售价Listing Price:CNY 1280.00

understanding for the display of traditional and historical work – a frightening omen. On the other hand she is extremely good at spreading thin
material even /* xin-1 */ more thinly, and is, therefore, tailor-made to lead the Switch House whose purpose would appear to be
precisely that. For outside the café windows she commissioned google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; a metal google_ad_height = 90; tree
from Anya Gallaccio, Ms
Freeze. It might look

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like demolition-site scrap but it is of “international significance” because
she says so. She also commissioned Marina Abramovic, Sarah Lucas and Cornelia Parker – and what imaginative programming that was. How brave to

deceive for the cause. Her appointment is a disaster.

David Lee
The Jackdaw Mar/Apr 2017