Can the RA summer exhibition still be considered an open submission show?


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works and all architectural plans and models have not been included.  ‘Hon members’ include all affiliated

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Fellows, Members and Academicians, plus recently deceased members shown
in the google_ad_slot = "7160667483"; exhibition of that year.

What the chart shows is that the Summer Show has gradually over this period become much more of a showcase for the RAs

displayed at the Academy, David Hockney’s “Bigger Trees”– oil on 50 canvases – in 2007. It is hard to see any reason, other than pure vanity, why Hockney, one of the biggest international stars in the Academy’s firmament with plenty of other arenas to strut his stuff, should choose to crowd out 49 other canvasses at an open submission exhibition.

3. The RAs are also hanging themselves a lot more generously in terms of space than that which they accord the “send-ins”. An extreme example of this trend is this

so for some time in order to allow for the expanded number of RAs, their even more expanded canvases and their desire to be hung more flatteringly. Why, it might be asked, did they not reduce

​ the number of paintings they allow themselves? Either that, or put a limit on the square acreage of


canvas allowed to each member.

It boils down to a question of what the Summer Show is for. The RA likes to boast that

it’s the google_ad_height = 90; biggest open exhibition google_ad_height = 90; in the world, but can it really claim this when google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; over 70% of the walls are occupied by
the club members who do not have to submit their work for selection at all? If they gave the show back to the public as it was in 1911, all the indications