Tottenham Caught Napping

Advised that as part of the Crossrail project (current budget £15 billion) each of five central London

tube stations through which it passes had been allocated, for the purpose of decoration by
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artists, to the five google_ad_height = 90; principal dealers


associated with State Art, you might
think a major public contract couldn’t possibly get away with such


commercial partiality. In fact, this is precisely what has happened. That such a deal could have been allowed to proceed without the merest peep of suspicion or opposition from any commentators indicates just how far it is now taken for //--> granted that private, mercenary interests in art dovetail perfectly with those of supposedly ‘independent’ opinions and wider public policy. State Art has sold its soul. It has been bought.

Each gallery will select its own artists for commissions worth

up to a million quid apiece, which are then given the nod
by a panel.


This devolution of responsibility saves overseers the trouble of

art project, also now


designated The Culture Line, describes its process as follows. “Artworks are being selected by an advisory Round Table of representatives from national and local arts organisations and google_ad_slot = "7160667483"; commercial galleries. Among the

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galleries already identified to work in partnership with Crossrail are Lisson Gallery for Paddington station, Victoria Miro for Liverpool Street, Gagosian

Gordon and Wright are represented by Gagosian, who looks after Christopher Wool (editorials passim) and eleven of the twenty google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3967079123942817"; bestselling artists at auction.

When State Art is the very fabric of the establishment choosing committee candidates

For detailed process, you can “visit here” or contact

never results in a


range of opinions. Thus, these “advisory round tables” are always google_ad_slot = "6023194682"; euphemisms for the usual suspects. And here, as src="//"> ever,

the chosen few have not let us down, having dutifully selected as beneficiaries others google_ad_height = 90; from
the top table of State Art. Some of these knights and damsels of the
round table have been previously associated with high profile galleries and, who knows, might like to renew their trade connections in the

Honestly though, how long must google_ad_width = 970; it take for a colloquium of State Art lickspittles to arrive at the names of the five most fashionable mongers in the West

End? Three minutes? Two? A quick round of skinny lattes and jammy dodgers and


Bob’s your uncle – then it’s off home for
a well-earned

will have been as pure and disinterested