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Editorial – May 2017

TATE BRITAIN NEEDS ITS IDENTITY BACK In recent issues I’ve described how since 1945 the education, bureaucracy

and exponentially increasing cash for 404 Not Found the visual arts have been usurped and dominated by an evolving one-track

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mindset which, in these pages, is called State Art. This sinister subversion of the institutions, predicted before and after the last war by Eliot, Wyndham Lewis and Orwell among […]

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Alexander Adams: New Order – September 2017

Alexander Adams seeks to

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explain how identity politics, Feminism and New Criticism underpin the ideology of
a generation of curators, and concludes by discussing the probable direction of the Tate under Dr Balshaw An Allegory Once upon a time there was a society which made objects that had meaning and that 404 Not Found people enjoyed looking at. The society put these objects […]